Management Accountant – a lean, mean, tax saving machine


Marple Accountancy and Business Services Limited (MAB) are based in Cheshire and was set up in 2010. The company offers a range of accountancy services to SMEs, and specialises in helping small businesses understand ‘their numbers’ so that they can improve their profitability and cash flow. Managing Director, Steve Hearle, has 30 years’ experience working inside a wide range of businesses ranging in size to include multinationals such as Philips Electronics, National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and Hay & Robertson PLC and a number of family run enterprises.

Steve has experience of a range of business sectors including Manufacturing (printing and clothing), import/export (textiles and printing), Service Industries (medical systems and air traffic systems) and the Licensed and Royalty sector. This wide experience working inside such differing organisations allows Steve to uniquely understand from personal experience the day to day problems faced by business owners.

The service he offers to business owners cover 7 key areas; Financial Management, Control systems including KPI’s, Strategy Planning, Basic Sales and Marketing Planning, Front line methods including Lean Continuous Improvement, Organisation Structure and Mentoring.


Accountancy services are notoriously difficult to sell to prospective clients as most companies take the view that unless their existing accountant does something seriously bad, it’s better “the devil you know” and are therefore unlikely to change accountants. There is however a growing need for pay-as-you-go management accountancy services to keep tabs on the company’s day to day progress, rather than wait for the end of year accounts to be published to discover any problems that may be too late to address.


A full SWOT analysis was carried out and a marketing strategy was put into place to appeal to market sectors that would best appreciate and benefit from Steve’s services, with a focus on updating the company website to maximise the opportunity. In addition, online and offline networking opportunities were identified where the prime target markets would be penetrated.

Results and Benefits

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