Double your Turnover

Double or seriously increase your turnoverdoubleturnover2

Using the DMAIC principles of Six Sigma as employed by many of the world’s leading companies, I will show you how to double your turnover, no matter which sector you are in.


Define your goals

Measure your current status

Analyse your market opportunities

Improve your performance

Control the actions required to achieve your goals


Ten ways to double your turnover

1)     Offer your existing clients additional products and services that they may not know you sell

2)     Ask your existing clients to recommend you to their suppliers, customers, & strategic partners

3)     Identify and find new customers in your target market(s)

4)     Be a specialist in sectors where you have a proven track record in selling to those sectors

5)     Use your website to attract new customers by using video, illustrations, and Social Media

6)     Use your LinkedIn profile to focus on your skills and successes

7)     Join LinkedIn groups which are populated by your target market(s)

8)     Find non competing suppliers who are selling to your target market(s)

9)     Attend networking events which are populated by your target market(s)

10)  Always qualify a prospect using BANT  – Budget, Authority, Need & Timescales


We draw upon our direct experience in a wide range of businesses to help you focus on your target customers, assess your competitors’ activity and understand how your market is changing.  We will guide you in creating a clear value proposition for your business and build a strong and respected reputation to reflect your business’ ethos and culture.

We will help you to identify and set targets for your business and to create a clear, long term Business Strategy. We offer you a chance to step back from day-to-day tasks and focus on the strategic direction of your business.  This objective, facilitated process, gives your company the opportunity to create an ambitious yet achievable action plan that is focused on clear targets.