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360-spin-logo-Square360 Spin Ltd is a Cheshire based limited company that offers a range of web based services revolving around Virtual Tours. The company emerged to fill the need for a different kind of photography for websites. Conventional images have historically served websites well, but a new, more dynamic service was required to prevent web pages displaying “sameness” about them.

The rapid growth of the Internet means millions more web pages are now visible across a number of search engines. The online visitor has a vast amount of easily accessible choice, so it is imperative that their clients’ websites stand out from the crowd. With their expertise, 360 Spin Ltd turns passive websites (using lifeless conventional photography) into dynamic websites. It works because they put the viewer in the centre of the action allowing them to see, almost at first hand, what they are getting.

As a Google Trusted Photographer, the company enables clients in many sectors including hotels, apartments, universities, and nurseries, to show ‘inside’ their businesses, as such visual images are powerful inducements to the online visitor to explore further.


Although the concept of virtual tours has been around for a number of years, it is not widely known, and is seen as a missionary sell which means that awareness of both the company and the product has to be developed along with a credible return on investment proposition to potential customers. Google passively promote the concept which works in conjunction with Google Places, and Google’s suggested target market is seen as the retail sector.


360 Spin also offer a website design and build service, and as there are a multitude of  companies around offering a similar service, customers see the end product as a commodity and business is won on price with little premium for any perceived added value.


A full analysis of the intended target market was carried out and a brain storming meeting was initiated to uncover alternative market places.

Results and Benefits
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If you have any questions please contact Nicola or Malcolm:

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